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Our mares are the foundation and heart of Encore. We select our broodmares very carefully considering looks, pedigree and personality and then ability to pass on these cherished attributes.  We rarely part with any of our broodmares unless we have one of similar bloodlines which can be retained. Please share our pride in appreciating these lovely ladies. Most of the photos we have included are random natural shots not stood up poses in order to present who they really are.


Bond Spring Lark
Bond Picador x Bond Classic Elegance
32.25"  05/09/87.  Lark is one of our first minis.  We have loved her since she was 2 years old. She has produced 13 beautiful foals for us and now spends her days happily grazing.  She still is such a joy to watch retaining her quiet elegance.  Lark passed over The Rainbow Bridge 3/10.  She was one of our first and definitely most beautiful mares.  (Deceased)


Encore BonBon
Komokos Little Supercharger x Silk Oak Artists Model
27 3/4"  4/28/91.  BonBon is my little sweetheart.  She is the dam of Encore Jiminy Cricket, one of our best producing stallions, and Encore Mask of Zorro, proudly owned by Dream Maker Miniature Overos of Phoenix, Arizona.  She boasts some of the greats like Komokos Little Champ, Komokos Whiskey, Komokos King Tut, Komokos Little Husseler, Komokos Bourbon Balls and Tara Moto in her pedigree.  She no longer is producing but she will always be the Queen of Encore Farms.  Our darling, very special little BonBon died on 12/10/09.  My most favorite she won her way into our hearts the day she was born.  There will never be another like her.  (Deceased)


Encore Cinnaburst
Komokos Little Supercharger x Hobby Horses Liberty Lady
29"  5/31/93.  Cinnaburst is one of our little darlings with a great pedigree going back to Komoko Little Husseler, Komoko Bourbon Balls and Tara Moto.  She has an amazing personality with a lovely head, soft expressive eyes and her babies are just like her.  (Retired)

Encore Annie Oakley
Komokos Little Supercharger x Hobby Horse Liberty Lady

29 3/4"  5/26/94.  Annie has the type and refinement of a miniature Arabian.  She has always produced beautiful babies with wonderful personalities.  Some of the greats of the Komoko Ranch are in her pedigree and they consistently produce quality, correct foals.  (Deceased)
NefertitiThumb.jpg HSF Sensational Nefertiti
Brewers Orion Sensation x Hayes Hill Viola
30"  5/10/95.  Nefertiti is a lovely little black mare whose lines go back to the famous Orion Light Vant Huttenest.  She passes on her pretty head, square, correct  body and cute personality.  All of her foals were little trotting machines.  (Retired)
CarbonThumb.jpg Checkmates Encores Carbon Copy
Checkmate Bobby Joes Encore x Checkmate Sugarboys Attraction
32 1/4"  5/19/98.   When we saw Carbon out in a field we knew we had to have her and we were right!  She has produced some of our showiest babies with great pedigrees going back to NFCS Sugar Boy and Roan Ranger.
FracasThumb.jpg Encore Fracas
Quicksilvers Playboy x Encore Cinnaburst
30 1/4"  6/5/98.  Fracas almost always produces color, often a replica of herself.
And they can move!  Playboy, her sire was a very impressive little boy, black & white with blue eyes, and her mom is solid Encore breeding with those gorgeous expressive eyes.  The foals Fracas has produced are all very exceptional!
ChantillyThumb.jpg Encore Chantilly
Quicksilvers Playboy x Bond Winsome Winner
32 1/2"  9/30/98.  Chantilly has black and white on both sides of her pedigree going back to the great little stallion Bond Sir Galahad.  She is a very beautiful and graceful mare which she passes on to her foals.

Anisette_Thumb.jpg Encore Anisette
NFCs Fire & Ice x Mustardseeds Ramundos Blkeyed Susie x
31 1/2"  3/21/99.  A beautiful, typey mare with a pedigree of champions.  Her sire needs no introduction and her dam was double National Champion!  Anisette's babies have a 'hey look at me' attitude and well they should! 
Frangelica40.jpg Encore Frangelica
Quicksilvers Playboy x Encore Quesadilla
30 1/4"  4/15/99.  Frangelica is one of our best and most consistent producers.  Her foals are just like her with beautiful stature and elegant motion.  Her grandsire, Komokos Little Supercharger was the 'perfect' stallion and he passed his charm onto his offspring.  Her sire, Playboy, always drew attention by his exciting looks and fantastic attitude.  Frangelica and her babies do as well!
MissyThumb.jpg LSM Red Clouds Bay Miss
Sids Red Cloud x Cross Country Call Me Miss
28"  5/28/99.   'Missy' is a tiny adorable little mare with the most beautiful head and huge expressive eyes.  Dippers Duffy, Roan Ranger, Gold Melody Boy, and Rowdy are some of the greats in her pedigree.  She is producing some of the best foals we have to offer.
Lucy23.jpg Encore Lucy Inthe Sky With Diamonds
Quicksilvers Playboy x Bond Spring Lark
29"  3/23/01.  Wow does Lucy produce exciting foals!!  They all have her exquisite head and very square correct little bodies.  She passes on the best of Bond and Komoko bloodlines.  Lucy is the last offspring we have of our beautiful Bond Spring Lark.  We are keeping Lucy in our broodmare band to pass on the special  bloodlines of her grandsire Bond Picador, among others.
ModestyThumb.jpg Encore Modesty Blaise
Komokos Little Supercharger  x  LSM Red Clouds Bay Miss
28"  4/18/05.  Cute little Modesty joins our broodmare band this year.  She is one of the last of Charger's offspring and one of his most adorable.  Charger and Missy both had the biggest 'deer eyes' of all our horses.  We hope Modesty will pass on this desirable trait along with her many other attributes.
Marsha20a.jpg Encore Marsha Marsha Marshmellow
Cameron Farms Terminators Top Gun x Encore Frangelica
32 ½" 2/24/06. Marsha is the 'flavor' you'll keep coming back for. One of a kind and simply delicious! She is a beautiful silver dapple with one blue and one brown eye. A great showy little filly that can trot with an amazing cocky attitude. So statuesque - she'll be hard to beat. Her champion pedigree including many greats Sids Terminator, Roan Ranger, Hemlock  Brooks Egyptian King and her champion looks and attitude make her a sure superstar!  She is due to foal with an Encore Jiminy Cricket baby this spring which we are looking forward to with great anticipation!
HalfBaked1.jpg Encore Half Baked
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Fracas
30 ¾" 5/3/06. She has grown up into a gorgeous little beauty. Swan like neck, sculpted beautiful head and body, amazing motion and WOW attitude not to mention an exotic color. One of the best! Half Baked is expecting her first foal by our new stallion Dusty Lane GMB Free To Be Me.
Pinot30.jpg Encore Pinot Noir
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Anisette
30" 2/15/08. Pedigree, color, conformation - WOW! This filly is black and white with blue eyes. Hemlock Brooks Silver Legend, Bond Peppy Power, NFCs Fire & Ice, Ramundo and Bourbon Balls are some of the greats in her background. Her granddame was a double National Champion! She has attitude and lots of motion too.
Chablis23.jpg Encore Chablis
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Checkmate Encores Carbon Copy
31" 4/3/08. Chablis' pedigree comes from very famous well known bloodlines. She is producing foals as good as we could have hoped. Not only that, so far she has produced wild color as well.