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Encore Gibson
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Anisette 

26"   1/27/14. What a darling tiny little boy!  If you are looking for small Gibson is it!  Besides his cute looks he has a champion pedigree all the way back! He will stay VERY little.  $2,000.00


Encore Harvey Wallbanger
Dusty Lane GMB Free to Be Me x Encore Marsha Marsha Marshmellow

33"   2/11/14  This little gelding has the most fluid upright motion we have ever seen in a horse this young.  He trots over level and is amazing!  He has the right to be this way as he has a lot of the beautiful performance Jandt horses in his pedigree. Harvey has been started in driving and is a a natural!  Such a good boy!  He even comes when he is called.  VERY people pet!!   $1,000.00


Encore Malomar
Dusty Lane GBM Free To Be Me x Encore Marsha Marsha Marshmellow

1/19/15  32" A little Arabian in miniature!!  Malomar is extremely correct and typey with an upright elegant neck and gorgeous head.  He has a marvelous pedigree to back up his confirmation.  When you breed champion bloodlines that have proven themselves through generations it definitely shows in a colt like Malomar!!  $1,000.00