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Encore Peach Bellini
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Fracas

32 ¼”  4/19/14  Peach is an Arabian in miniature.  She has exquisite refinement with a beautiful sculptured head.  She has the pedigree and the personality along with her looks to be a total winner.  Definitely a filly that’s hard to beat. Pasture bred this year. $3,500.


Encore Lorna Doone
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Checkmate Encores Carbon Copy

 29 1/2" 3/17/15 A very flashy show filly!! She has the same elegance and refinement as her sister Encore Escada who has been sold internationally. This is a magic cross as Carbon and Cricket consistently produce award winning babies. Lorna Doone is a very feminine little girl and has the flash needed to make her so very special! $3,300.


Encore Smore
Encore Jack Be Nimble x Encore Half Baked

27 1/2"  4/1/15  Smore is as sweet as her name and just as desirable!  Having a who’s who pedigree she has a beautiful correct confirmation with a lovely sculpted head with a gorgeous eye.  Jack and Half Baked come from a long line of champions so Smore will surely be a winner as well.  $2,800.


Encore Lady Gaga
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Fracas

2/15/16  This little filly is as flashy as her namesake!  If you are looking for color, personality, correctness and pedigree than look no further.  Lady Gaga has it all!!  $3,000.


Encore Madonna
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Anisette

3/17/16  What a gorgeous black and white filly and so refined!!  Her pedigree is full of champions, her grand dam and grand sire were both National Champions, twice!  She is a very correct filly with an elegant Arabian head.  Private Treaty


Encore Sesame Seed
Encore Jack Be Nimble x Encore Chablis

02/13/17 What a little cutie pie! She has everything: pedigree, conformation, showiness, and a darling personality!! $3,000.


Encore Paprika
Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Fracas

2/23/17 Those icy blue eyes and that head! Paprika is exquisite! She has a very elegant and refined look with lots of color! She should produce lots of color as she has it in her pedigree all the way back!  $3,000.



Encore Saffron

Encore Jiminy Cricket x Encore Fracas

02/24/17 Saffron is a very balanced, correct filly who should excel in the ring as she is a show off!!  She wants everyone to know how pretty she is and she has an illustrious pedigree to back it up! $2,600.



Encore Star Anise
Dusty Lane GMB Free To Be Me x Encore Marsha Marsha Marshmellow

03/01/17 Exotic is the one word to describe Anise!  She has electric blue eyes against a rich black coat.  She is one cute little package!!  She will be the one to beat as she really stands out above the rest!!  $3,300.


Encore Tiger Lily
Dusty Lane GMB Free To Be Me x Encore Marsha Marsha Marshmellow

3/13/2018  Tiger Lily is a very exotic Arab type filly with a snorty, showy attitude.  You have to give her a second look because she is that special.  She is a very square little girl with beautiful fluid motion which she gets from a long line of athletic winners on FreeBe’s side.  And she loves the attention all the time!!  $2,500.